We are Health, Taste and Surprise. We are VitaSnack.

Vitasnacks are attractive fruits and vegetables cut, seasonal selected and organic certified, that thanks to the application of an exclusive dehydration – Texturing process, below 47º, are kept UNCOOKED and RAW with:

– NATURAL TEXTURE CRUNCH, without need to freeze  or fry the product, no preservatives or additives added.

– ORIGINAL INTENSE TASTE, without salt or sugar added.


VitaSnacks are perfect as on-the-go Snacks any time /any place, or like an ingredient to sprinkle on salads, creams, yogurts, cereals, ice creams, etc. They are ideal  for RAW, VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE consumers.



Attractive crunchy cuts of fruits and vegetables with an intense traditional flavour.

How do we do it?

From the entrance of the fresh raw products that came from previously approved and organic certified growers, until the final packaging, we work to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of our products and processes.

The VitaSnack process could be resumed in the following phases:

– SEASONAL SELECTION of high quality raw products organically produced.

– CUTTING. The products are cut to preserve the original aspect of the fresh products and to be easily recognizable for the consumers.

– PRE-DRYING. The product is pre-dried with very soft temperature, below 47º, to remove the 50-60% of the main water avoiding product burning and preserving most of the nutritional contents.

– TEXTURIZATION. The product is expanded with extra dry air and pressure in order to obtain a porous structure to help the water to be removed easily and without increasing the temperature, reducing an excessive oxidation, keeping a high nutritional content and a surprising crunchy texture, without applying any additive or preservatives.

– FINAL DRYING. Below 47º to fix the texture and reach a residual moisture below 2%.


Finally, we obtain a unique product, of special appeal and in perfect harmony with the global food trends of health, taste and convinience.

We are proud to offer to consumers a very huge range of flavours:

VitaSnacks is a product developed, manufactured
and commercialise by Natural Crunch S.L.