27 July, 2018
vitasnack dehydrated broccoli benefits

Broccoli and kiwi smoothie with Vitasnack blueberries

Today we share with you a delicious, nutritious and super easy recipe of Broccoli and kiwi smoothie with Vitasnack blueberries as topping. A healthy and very nutritious drink can be cooked in […]
11 July, 2018
almond milk recipe with Dehydrated fruits Vitasnack

Almond milk sponge cake recipe

One of the summer’s treasures is the almond milk. It’s very cold, slightly sweet and refreshing. This tiger nuts “juice” has a thousand reasons to be the stoves protagonist. Two […]
28 June, 2018
Vitasnack at Biofach 2018 and alimentaria 2018

‘Biofach’ and ‘Alimentaria 2018’

This year we had the opportunity to attend again two of the most important food industry fairs: ‘Biofach and Alimentaria 2018’. All of our Vitasnacks products and our new novelties were presented […]
28 June, 2018
Vitasnack dehydrated orange benefits

Do you already know the new Vitasnack Crunchy Orange without skin?

Now you can enjoy our delicious and crunchy dehydrated orange without skin. A new product from our Vitasnack dehydrated fruit range. Oranges as we know them are citrus fruits, they are juicy […]
27 June, 2018

Sweet and full of energy, that is the beet

Index of contents What is the beet Beet varieties Beet properties and benefits ¿What is the beet? The beet is a vegetable which is scientifically known as Beta Vulgaris. It […]
27 June, 2018

The crunchy papaya, a tropical treasure

Papaya is native from Mexico forest, Central America and northern South America; it is one of the most popular tropical fruit and the first with medicinal properties, which together with […]