28 June, 2018
Vitasnack at Biofach 2018 and alimentaria 2018

‘Biofach’ and ‘Alimentaria 2018’

This year we had the opportunity to attend again two of the most important food industry fairs: ‘Biofach and Alimentaria 2018’. All of our Vitasnacks products and our new novelties were presented […]
28 June, 2018
Vitasnack dehydrated orange benefits

Do you already know the new Vitasnack Crunchy Orange without skin?

Now you can enjoy our delicious and crunchy dehydrated orange without skin. A new product from our Vitasnack dehydrated fruit range. Oranges as we know them are citrus fruits, they are juicy […]
28 June, 2018
vitasnack dehydrated broccoli benefits

5 vitamin K curiosities that you didn’t know

Although for many people this vitamin is a mystery, it is important to know that vitamin K is essential for our body, as it helps the development of our bones […]
27 June, 2018

Sweet and full of energy, that is the beet

Index of contents What is the beet Beet varieties Beet properties and benefits ¿What is the beet? The beet is a vegetable which is scientifically known as Beta Vulgaris. It […]
27 June, 2018

The crunchy papaya, a tropical treasure

Papaya is native from Mexico forest, Central America and northern South America; it is one of the most popular tropical fruit and the first with medicinal properties, which together with […]
27 June, 2018

The sweet potato, a great and versatile antioxidant source.

The sweet potato is an excellent food, so it should be part of a varied and balanced diet. It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamin A and in certain minerals. It […]