Cuts from fruit and vegetables selected from seasonal organic crops!

After a process of becoming our fruits and organic vegetable texturized, we get a surprising and flavourful completely fresh and healthy crunchy pieces, without any additive or chemical, without any fat or sugar retaining their optimum nutritional value and ready to taste them at any time and place in any of our packages.

Vitasnack dehydrated fruits and vegetables

checked-icoWithout additive, salt or added sugar.

checked-icoNATURAL ANTIOXIDANT source.

checked-icoWith an intense and traditional FLAVOUR.

checked-icoWith a natural CRUNCHY TEXTURE.

checked-icoNot FRIED, no BACKED and not FREEZE DRIED.

Vitasnack dehydrated fruits and vegetables properties
Vitasnack dehydrated fruits and vegetables mix

Easy to use, light and nonperishable. At any time and place, as appetizer or as accompaniment in starters and canapés, sauces and cream, garnish accompaniment in main courses, desserts, cocktail and endless creative options into the world of cuisine and gourmet.


Authentic taste in pieces of crunchy fruits and vegetables with a surprising texture.
With an intense and traditional flavour.
For your recipes or as ornamentation.
Each package includes a singular flavour.
Discover the wide range of available products.


Vegetable Cocktail.
As appetizer and it is always handy.
Without coloring or preservers.
Chosen for this season.
100% organic.
Choose between fruits or vegetable cocktail


A wide range of our products is available in large-sized, only for you.
Enhance your sauces and creams or salad.
As appetizers or garnish.
As starters or canapes base.
Innovate in your recipes.
Choose your pack.

VitaSnacks is a product developed, manufactured
and comercialized by Natural Crunch S.L.