The rules of the game are changing.

It’s time for brands to share their

success with their clients.

The opportunity of investing in NATURAL CRUNCH

Over the years, many of you have come to us asking about ways to participate in the brand. Well, finally that moment has arrived! Now you can continue to enjoy VitaSnacks while also becoming part of our history.

+€2M invested in R&D and machinery

Technological Investment

More than 25 different flavours developed in keeping with the most stringent Quality and Food Safety Standards.


+ 2M packs per year

Production capability

A production capability of more than 50 tonnes per year – which equates to 2 million packs.

+ 25 countries reached

New market reached

Our products are currently present in more than 25 countries.


+ 300% grown online sales

Online growth 2020

Over the course of 2020, we have managed to launch new products and seen our online store sales grow by more than 300%.


We’re Crowdfunding!
Own a part of our business.


Capital risk

A part of Natural Crunch could be yours.

For those of you who have known VitaSnacks from the word go and have tirelessly recommended us. Those of you who cannot go without VitaSnacks at home and who are passionate about the brand as though it were your own, and even you, who haven’t yet tasted VitaSnacks, but who keep a close eye on the project.

The reason for this opportunity?

Well, after having created more than 25 flavours and secured IFS certification, guaranteeing the quality and safety of our productive capacity, the time has come for investing in the promotion of our products so they may reach as many people as possible.

The moment has come to step it up a notch, and because we believe that there is strength in numbers, we have decided to launch a equity increase and to open it to friends and clients alike.

How will we do it?

Crowdcube + Natural Crunch.

The initiative will be put in place by Crowdcube, Europe’s foremost fintech company in terms of organising client-oriented financing rounds.
They have done this for more than 800 companies, and put together, to date they have channelled more than 500 million Euro.


After having guaranteed our quality and production capacity, and with a number of successful promotional trials under our belt, we are ready to undertake an ambitious plan to launch our products in markets we are already inserted in so we may once again multiply our sales.

With whom?

This funding round was kickstarted with investments from our current stakeholders, family members, employees and friends who have been backing us from the days when we were just a project, but we have decided that the time has come to share it with all of you who believe in us.

Who is eligible?

You don’t need to have invested previously or be an experienced investor. You will need to be of legal age and live in Spain or a country in which you may legally invest in the type of opportunities and the investment mode offered by us. Also, because we aim to be affordable for everyone, the minimum investment has been set in 12,35€!
images natural crunch
Exclusives incentives for our future clients/investors.
We have prepared a set of exclusive incentives tied up to the amount invested. Take into account that each level accumulates the incentives of the levels below them.
Welcome to the Natural Crunch Community! For your support in our sustainable company for healthy snacks, you will receive quarterly updates on our progress.
VitaSnacker Club
Welcome to VitaSnacker newsletter: news, offers, recipes and much more. Enjoy 5% discount on VitaSnacks online shop for one year.
Kit VitaSnacker
VitaSnacker Free Kit with 3 bowls, 1 T-shirt and 2 reusable bags, included in your next order.
Online discount
Enjoy 15% discount on VitaSnacks online shop for one year.
VitaSnacker Coupon
Receive a €90/year coupon to buy VitaSnacks online (over a 3-year period).
Novelties Team
Be part of the Novelties Team, which tests and gives opinion about new products developed before being launched.
Guided Visit to Roots
Including: Visit our raw material crops, to Almería’s University & our Natural Crunch facilities to meet the team. There will also be an Almería city tour to allow you to get to know our culture and gastronomy + a visit to the beaches and Cabo de Gata desert.
6 steps for investing in Natural Crunch
Go to:
This is our investment
(Top right, click JOIN)
Remember to verify your
email address
Go back to:
Alternatively, click “back
to the last investment
Click Follow
To continue
“Invest now”
If this is your first
access, you will
need to fill in a
Last step
Your credit card
Please note that you
will not be charged
anything yet
My investment has been confirmed... What happens next?
Once the investment process has
come to an end, Crowdcube
needs to carry out due diligence
of all investors in compliance with
Anti-Money Laundering regulations.
Concurrently, Crowdcube will
send you the details so you may
transfer the promised funds.
You will have 7 days to complete
the transfer.
Once all the payments have
been completed, Crowdcube
will send you a certificate confirming
that you are officially part of the
What financial
benefits may
I expect?
Upon securing equity in a
company, profitability occurs
in one of the following circumstances:
a) should a total or partial sale of the
company occur, or b) if we generate
annual profits and pay out dividends
to our investors.
Disbursements may also occur if the
company goes public or if, as a
company, we decide to buy back
Will I be able
to sell my
shares as
I please?
No, equity shares do not work like normal, stock market listed shares, which you may buy or sell as you please. Investing in companies implies waiting until certain opportunities arise and
are normally subject to
2 to 3 years’ wait. To this
end, we advise putting
some thought into the
amount you wish to invest,
calculating the amount you
can do without in your
day-to-day and in the
near future.
What are the costs and
processes implied?
There are no hidden costs – just the amount you wish to invest (plus any bank transfer fees). There is also no paperwork involved, it’s as simple as registering as an investor on platform. You will only need to specify any movements when filing your tax return if you sell your shares or get paid dividends.
Frequently Asked Questions
The equity crowdfunding format.

When you invest by means of an equity crowdfunding platform, you are effectively buying NATURAL CRUNCH shares with the prospect of seeing the company’s value rise over time. This means that you become a NATURAL CRUNCH shareholder. The equity held will depend on the amount invested. Once your investment has been processed, you will receive a share certificate and appear listed as a partner of the company. These are long-term investments that help companies grow above what they would normally, had they opted for traditional financing options.

All investments are executed by means of nominee – the investors’ legal form. While individual investors retain the financial and political rights over the shares, these will be exerted by the nominee in representation of all the investors. Using the nominee as a legal form allows us to continue to run the company efficiently, like we have thus far, but without the need to incorporate thousands of new partners, instead incorporating just the one new partner to represent the rest.

No, the money invested in companies is recuperated when certain liquidity events take place. You may sell your shares if the company in which you invested goes public, if it is bought by a larger company or if the company itself decides to buy back its equity shares from the investors.

Yes, provided you are of legal age and live in Spain or a country in which you may legally invest in the type of opportunities and the investment mode offered by us.

In addition to the amount you decide to invest, charges a small commission of 1.5 % over the amount invested. The minimum commission fee is set at € 0.50, whereas the maximum commission fee is set at € 250.

Investments are not taxed when they are made, instead, they are taxed when they produce profits, whether it be from the distribution of dividends or from a sale. Only individuals legally obliged to present wealth tax returns will have to include this investment as part of their assets, as they would any other investment. For more information, please read the taxation guide*.

Warning Risks

Investing in start-ups and companies in their initial stages implies certain risks, such as the lack of liquidity, the lack of dividends, the loss of investment and dilution, and this kind of investment must be made as part of a diversified portfolio. This financial promotion has been approved by Crowdcube, a participative financing platform authorised by the FCA in the United Kingdom.