28 June, 2018
vitasnack dehydrated broccoli benefits

5 vitamin K curiosities that you didn’t know

Although for many people this vitamin is a mystery, it is important to know that vitamin K is essential for our body, as it helps the development of our bones […]
27 June, 2018

Sweet and full of energy, that is the beet

Index of contents What is the beet Beet varieties Beet properties and benefits ¿What is the beet? The beet is a vegetable which is scientifically known as Beta Vulgaris. It […]
27 June, 2018

The crunchy papaya, a tropical treasure

Papaya is native from Mexico forest, Central America and northern South America; it is one of the most popular tropical fruit and the first with medicinal properties, which together with […]
27 June, 2018

The sweet potato, a great and versatile antioxidant source.

The sweet potato is an excellent food, so it should be part of a varied and balanced diet. It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamin A and in certain minerals. It […]
2 July, 2014

VitaSnack, the Superhero of Healthy Snacks

What does VitaSnack contain that let you enjoying of a Super-Health? No mysteries: High fibre content. Low Sodium and low Saturated Fat. Proteins. Vitamin C, which contributes to the smooth […]
25 June, 2014

“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”

Moderate physical exercise is an activity that directly affects us in both our health and mind. This is the reason for which it should be part of our daily habits […]