2 July, 2014

VitaSnack, the Superhero of Healthy Snacks

What does VitaSnack contain that let you enjoying of a Super-Health? No mysteries: High fibre content. Low Sodium and low Saturated Fat. Proteins. Vitamin C, which contributes to the smooth […]
25 June, 2014

“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”

Moderate physical exercise is an activity that directly affects us in both our health and mind. This is the reason for which it should be part of our daily habits […]
12 June, 2014

The Mediterranean Diet: A great heritage to follow

While the Mediterranean Diet is now a World Heritage Site and we should implement it, it is known that Spaniards are increasingly far from the recommended food for its great […]
2 June, 2014

The healthy way to snack

Although it is common for many people to have just three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), the fact is that our body is ‘programmed’ to eat about every three […]
16 April, 2014

Australia, here we come!

VitaSnack is already in Oceania! There is no border that can stop us and we want to be present in every corner of this world. We have just landed on […]